Users bombard the App Store with negative reviews for Super Mario Run, stock drops

Usman Qureshi for iPhone in Canada:

Disappointing early reviews and sales of Nintendo’s latest ‘Super Mario Run’ smartphone game have caused the company’s shares to fall by almost 16% in the past five days, while some analysts are also expressing concern over the game’s payment model, The Wall Street Journal is reporting. Although the company’s stock rose over 20% in the past month, the shares finished down 7.1% today in Tokyo Stock Exchange trading.

After playing the game, it’s easy to see why some people are frustrated. There are plenty of things that make Super Mario Run hard to recommend including the always-on internet connection, the weird fragmenting of data that requires users to download more of the game after completing the tutorial level, having to buy the game for each device you want to run it on instead of being able to share it via your family account, etc.

This probably wasn’t the debut many hoped Mario would have on the App Store.