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Demon's Souls is coming to PlayStation 5

Demon's Souls is coming to PlayStation 5

Michael McWhertor for Polygon:

Demon’s Souls is getting a next-gen remake. FromSoftware’s original Souls game, originally released on PlayStation 3 in 2009, is coming to PlayStation 5, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today.

It pains me to say that I will be getting Demon’s Souls on PS5.

Sony's PlayStation 5 event

Sony's PlayStation 5 hardware lineup

I was impressed with the Sony event today, in particular Capcom's Pragmata, Insomniac's Spider-Man sequel, and the Demon Souls remake to name a few.

The hardware looks good, though I think I prefer the look of Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Series X. That said, I'm impressed with the risk and bold departure from the previous style of consoles Sony shown here. I'm excited there will be two versions — one with a disc drive and one without — available for customers at launch. I'd had some rough experiences trying to go completely digital early in the PS4's life but, as time has gone on, it's been much better. In fact, the last three games I've bought have been delivered digitally without issue.

Another minor detail in the event I enjoyed was the transitions between the different trailers themed around the iconic PlayStation buttons. These elements, in addition to the white, blue, and black colour scheme sprinkled in everywhere (including on the console itself), show how firm of a grasp Sony has on the PlayStation brand/marketing this time around.

Based on what we've seen from both Microsoft and Sony, there's no question I'll be investing in the PlayStation 5 before the Xbox Series X (or whatever they end up calling it?). The presentation today had it all for me: great games from established franchises that I love, new IPs to get excited about, and a commitment to great experiences with cutting-edge hardware. Take my money.

EA adds 25 titles to Steam

EA adds 25 titles to Steam

Ryan Gilliam for Polygon:

As of this writing, players can purchase and play BioWare’s Dragon Age games, the Crysis games, several Need for Speed games, some indie games like Unravel, Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and more.

Put Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda on Steam, you cowards.

Sony announces PS5 reveal event for June 4th


This digital showcase will run for a bit more than an hour and, for the first time, we will all be together virtually experiencing the excitement together. A lack of physical events has given us an amazing opportunity to think differently and bring you on this journey with us, and hopefully, closer than ever before. This is part of our series of PS5 updates and, rest assured, after next week’s showcase, we will still have much to share with you.

I love the look of the DualSense controller Sony showed off in April and I’m hopeful the console itself will have a similar look and feel. I’d love for it to have a reduced form factor than the original PS4 and Xbox One units, though I understand that’s a tall order considering the power and size of the internals.

In terms of importance, while I’m interested in the final look of the hardware, it’ll ultimately be the games that will drive my decision in purchasing the console. I’ve been happy playing PC for the past year and without any big exclusives or features, I don’t know how eager I’ll be to run out and grab a new system.

On a sidenote, speaking of games, it’s an interesting dance they’re doing with the release of current generation games in the next few months and a new console by year’s end, clearly why they’re pushing for remaining PS4 releases to be compatible with the upcoming PS5.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this whole next generation of consoles. On one hand, I’m excited to see what the PlayStation 5 and Xbox (or Series X… I guess?) bring to the table but I’m convinced this will be the last generation of consoles as we know them. With the surge of companies trying to make game streaming work, including Sony and Microsoft, it seems like a matter of time until one of them gets it right and, at that point, hardware like the PS5 and Xbox Series X won’t matter.

For newcomers, Persona 5 Royal is the definitive way to play the game

Laura Dale for Polygon:

If you’ve never played Persona 5, and the idea of a lengthy JRPG about making friends, making evil adults admit their crimes, and fighting monsters sounds cool, this is the definitive way to experience the game.

While I owned Persona 5 at launch, I wasn’t able to get into it, despite starting and stopping three or four times. I enjoyed what I played but something — usually the first time the team visits Momentos — didn’t hook me.

Because of the FES and Golden updates to the two previous Persona games, Royal seemed inevitable. Maybe, subconsciously, that’s why I never gave Persona 5 the time and effort it deserved.

Now, having played about 40~ hours of Royal, I’m glad it took me this long to play. Even with the limited experience I have with the original game, this is clearly the version to play and I’m having an absolute blast with it so far. It’s not perfect, I still have camera issues every now and then for example, but Persona 5 Royal has a level of depth, style, and fun that only comes around once or twice per console generation.

Note that the linked review does include some spoilers. If you’ve never played Persona 5 and are thinking about giving it a shot, proceed with caution.

Final Fantasy VII Remake redefines the concept

Cloud, Tifa, and Barret from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Bradly Shankar for MobileSyrup:

Even when it was eventually confirmed to be in development, Final Fantasy VII Remake appeared to be woefully mismanaged, with key members of the original development team initially working with a lesser-known external studio.

What followed was two-and-a-half years of silence between first gameplay trailer and subsequent re-reveal, which certainly didn’t quell any fears.

A solid review, and one that echos many of my own thoughts about the game, like the revised ending. The one we got in the Remake felt like the team capitalizing on a unique opportunity to weave together the various stories told in the years since the original (Crisis Core, Advent Children, etc). All things considered, I think they did a great job.

One thing I found interesting about the development of FFVIIR was how similar it seemed to Sony and Insomniac’s Spider-Man game from 2018.

The game was announced, gameplay was revealed, and things went quiet until close to release. While most people — myself included — assumed the worst, the end product spoke for itself in both cases and were resounding critical and commercial successes.

Post-game thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Remake

Post-game thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Remake

I took the time to finish up the game yesterday and was really happy with it overall. Without spoiling anything, the ending wasn’t quite what I expected, having played the original many times, but I understand the reason(s) for the changes.

Visually, the game was stunning, particularly the pre-rendered scenes. In terms of scale, Midgar felt huge. Looking up at the plates from the slums, or climbing topside, it was pretty surreal. The soundtrack was perfect and the combat, once I got a handle on it, was smooth and incredibly satisfying.

I’m hopeful it won’t be long before we at least hear about the second chapter, maybe even get some visuals to tide us over. With the engine already built and (presumably) most of the story done, it can be that far off, can it?

Crysis Remastered coming to PC and consoles

Crysis Remastered coming to PC and consoles

Andy Kelly for PC Gamer:

According to the official description on the site, Crysis Remastered will have “new graphic features”, higher quality textures and “CRYENGINE’s native hardware and API-agnostic ray tracing solution.”

Interesting timing on this one as I actually reinstalled and fired up the original Crysis a couple weeks ago but got hung up on the clunky controls. Considering its age, it still looks great.

I’ve always felt that the series got the attention it did for all the wrong reasons as the story — particularly in the first game — is really good and never really gets talked about. Though, admittedly, I’m a sucker for any sort of media that has otherworldly monsters invading and attacking an unsuspecting mankind.

I’m looking forward to giving this another try with all the updated features and, while I’m not going to be buying it on Switch, I’m curious to see how it’ll hold up on the limited hardware.

Capcom reportedly working on Resident Evil 4 remake

Andy Robinson for VGC:

Following its reimaginings of Resident Evil 2 and 3, multiple development sources have told VGC that the Resident Evil 4 remake has now entered full production with an estimated release window in 2022.

Selfishly, I hope this news isn’t true or at the very least they’re planning on doing a couple of these over the next few years.

Resident Evil 4 has been remastered, and re-released to death on virtually every console Capcom could think of and, for better or worse, it’s already an incredibly successful game that helped reshape the series.

If anything, I feel like there could be serious damage done to the legacy of the game if they do decide to move forward with this project. Imagine the expectations and pressure of having to remake a game that many consider to be one of the best ever made.

Instead, I’d love to see them tackle Code Veronica. The game wasn’t nearly as popular as other entries in the series so a remake could give it the exposure and success — if done well — that it never got the first time around. It’s already an excellent game with a big following, and it’s not available on many consoles or PC.

The nostalgia is real

The nostalgia is real

While I was never the biggest Final Fantasy VII fan (FFIX all the way), it’s hard not to get a little emotional while playing the remake, in particular with the game’s soundtrack. Square’s done something pretty amazing here.

Thoughts on Sony's new DualSense PS5 controller

The DualSense controller for PlayStation 5

This week, Sony unveiled the DualSense: their next-gen wireless controller.

I’ve always felt like most updates to the original PlayStation controller were minor, often tacked-on changes that — at this point — seem to have created a great deal of design debt when it comes to the actual look of the controller.

The DualSense, on the other hand, appears to be a legitimate evolution of the PlayStation controller, something I feel hasn’t happened since the addition of DualShock to the original PlayStation controller back in 1997.

The new functionality of Sony’s new DualSense controller really does sound like it’ll help to deliver new experiences to players, in particular the haptics and sound, but also the ergonomics, refined adaptive triggers, and more.

As for the aesthetics, the controller itself looks beautiful. It’s simple, clean, and subtly futuristic without seeming obnoxious, particularly in white. My one complaint is that I do wish they would have kept the coloured shapes on the buttons but that might have compromised the look they were going for here.

So, when do we get to see the console?

Greetings from Racoon City

Greetings from Racoon City

Three hours in and I’m loving the Resident Evil 3 remake. Visually, the game looks incredible, it plays almost exactly like last year’s RE2 remake, and there are genuine scares during Nemesis’ near-relentless pursuit of Jill.

I know it won't have the longevity of last year's RE2 remake but what I've played already more than justifies the fact it exists. Capcom's got another incredible remake under their belt.