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New iPad Pro

I splurged a bit this weekend and grabbed a new iPad Pro to replace my aging Air 2. Switching over from my old one was crazy simple and I’ve already been able to set up the repo for my blog. If you’re reading this, It means I got posting to work too!

Nova beta for macOS

I’ve been using the beta for Nova for the past couple weeks and have really enjoyed it. While I didn’t use Coda very much, I always appreciated the simplicity of its design, which Nova shares. So simple, in fact, I just published this entry with it.

Switch from Spotify to Apple

For what seems like the millionth time, I’ve made a move from Spotify to Apple Music. I can’t explain it but the longer I use it, the worse Spotify’s recommendations seem to get. I’m going to try and use Apple’s like/dislike to see if I can fine-tune its suggestions. 🤞

Using Pixelmator Pro

I’ve been trying to get away from Adobe’s Creative Cloud — specifically Photoshop — and have ultimately settled on switching to Pixelmator Pro. I love the simplicity of it and how native it feels on macOS. I wish I’d started using it a long time ago.

Disney Infinity

I found my Disney Infinity stuff a couple nights ago and showed it to my son. Watching his eyes grow wide when he saw the toys on the base come alive on the screen was amazing. The tech is awesome, shame Disney couldn’t make it work.

Thoughts on Joker

I finally watched Joker yesterday and really enjoyed it. I was a little worried as we learned more about Arthur’s backstory but blurring reality with his own distorted version of it made it hard to tell what his actual origin really was, as it should be.


My wife bought me a pair of AirPods for Christmas this year and It didn’t take long for me to see what all the fuss is about. Sound quality is stellar for the size, the pairing process is about as simple as it gets, and they fit great in my ears.

Anchor podcast page redesign

The new design of Anchor’s podcast pages is really nice. It might even be enough to push me into recording new episodes of Shortbox in the new year.

Xbox Series X

I really don’t like the name of the new Xbox Series X but it’s tough not to get behind the hardware. I love the minimalist design and appreciate that they aren’t compromising or doing weird stuff with the guts to make it fit a smaller case.

Andolfo Money Shot variant

I got my Mirka Andolfo variant for Money Shot #1 in the mail from Things From Another World yesterday. Needless to say, it’s definitely deserving of the black bag treatment.

Pokémon Shield playtime

I just cracked 24 hours playtime in Pokémon Shield, which I haven’t come anywhere close to since the Blue and Red versions on the original Game Boy. Suffice to say, I’m enjoying Shield a lot.

Black Friday comic purchases

While I didn’t buy much for myself during this year’s Black Friday, I did check out ComiXology’s Image graphic novel sale and snagged a couple books I’d had on my wish list. I’m particularly excited to read Gillen and Hans’ Die, which I’ve heard a ton of great things about.