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Old code

It's always fun when you format your computer, forget to backup a current version of your website, make a change, and blow away a week's worth of work. What, just me?

Site updates

I went on an absolute rampage over the past few days tackling a number of projects on my blog like accessibility improvements, a new footer, styling code snippets in posts, and fixing how posts without titles appear in feeds.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

I caved this weekend and upgraded my smashed iPhone XR to an iPhone 11 Pro Max. I had convinced myself I didn't need the better camera, the OLED display, etc but now that I have it, I know that I couldn't go without it.

Broken iPhone XR

Not two weeks after my wife cracked the front glass of her iPhone XR — and then replaced it with an 11 — do I drop my XR and crack the back glass.

New game time management

I finished off Resident Evil 3 last night, which was great, and have Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-loaded for Friday. I was worried that with all the games released lately there wouldn’t be enough time for them all but it’s been surprisingly manageable.

All-in on the iPad Pro

It’s been two weeks since I used my laptop after basically going all-in on the iPad Pro. I’ve been really impressed with how much of my day-to-day, non-design work I’m able to get done, especially with the addition of mouse support.

Apple's cursor support in iPadOS

For whatever reason, I assumed Apple’s implementation of the cursor in iPadOS 13.4 would be half-baked, and simplistic. This is not the case. It’s delightful, considered, and feels like it should have been there years ago. It’s a game-changer.

New iPad Pro

I splurged a bit this weekend and grabbed a new iPad Pro to replace my aging Air 2. Switching over from my old one was crazy simple and I’ve already been able to set up the repo for my blog. If you’re reading this, It means I got posting to work too!

Nova beta for macOS

I’ve been using the beta for Nova for the past couple weeks and have really enjoyed it. While I didn’t use Coda very much, I always appreciated the simplicity of its design, which Nova shares. So simple, in fact, I just published this entry with it.

Switch from Spotify to Apple

For what seems like the millionth time, I’ve made a move from Spotify to Apple Music. I can’t explain it but the longer I use it, the worse Spotify’s recommendations seem to get. I’m going to try and use Apple’s like/dislike to see if I can fine-tune its suggestions. 🤞