Order Tracker, iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Skip’s existing order tracker did not provide customers with enough information on their orders. They were also unaware of who handled what part of the order, causing inaccurate or misleading reviews. It also generally lacked any feeling of delight or a unique experience when positioned alongside other delivery services like Just Eat, Domino’s, etc.

Secondarily, when we set out to redesign the existing SkipTheDishes iOS app and launch our initial version for Android, we wanted to create a world-class experience that closely followed Apple and Google's new design specs and showcased the work we'd done to improve the experience in other parts of the company, like the ability to view a courier in real-time using our new live order tracker.


SkipTheDishes connects Canadians to their favourite restaurants that don't typically offer delivery.




Wireframing, interface design, icon design, prototyping

Order Tracker

Original SkipTheDishes order tracker (2015)

  • For our new order tracker, a priority was to keep customers aware of their order status at all times. We planned to do this by showing their courier’s location in real-time and being transparent with our messaging.
  • We also wanted to provide more information to customers about who was handling each part of the order by adding a confirmation dialogue when the order was placed and a courier was assigned to it.

Fullscreen tracker concept (2015)

Sidebar tracker concept (2015)

We ultimately chose to keep the sidebar as we felt that removing too many informational elements might be confusing to customers and require too many clicks on their part to get the information they needed in a timely manner.

With the concept and direction of the order tracker defined, I began focusing on the look and feel. We wanted the new order tracker to stand out from the crowd of other delivery services with a fresh, modern interface, and add some fun to the process by animating the journey of the courier as they drove to the customer’s location.

Updated order tracker (2016)

Order detail sidebar tab (2016)

Order confirmation dialogue (2016)

  • 1 We communicated all order updates to the customer with clear, transparent language from the time the order was placed to the time it arrived at the customer's location.
  • 2 To ensure we were receiving accurate data from customer reviews, we listed the responsibilities of the restaurant.
  • 3 In an effort to create a more personal experience, we listed the courier name, as well as their history with Skip. This gave customers the peace of mind in knowing a little about the person handling their delivery.
  • 4 Complementary to the above messaging, we provided customers with an itinerary for them to better understand how far away from receiving their order they were.

Our updated tracker was well-received by customers. In particular, they told us they enjoyed watching their courier drive along the route to their location and knowing exactly how long it would be before they arrived. Because of this, we saw a noticeable decline in order status related support tickets.

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Shortly after completing our work on the updated order tracker, we began conceptualizing a version of the mobile app for Android and an updated version of the Skip app for iOS. We wanted to design the two in tandem to ensure a consistent experience for customers regardless of which device they were using.

SkipTheDishes iOS app (2015—2016)

While we wanted to ensure that the new Skip apps felt as close to native as possible using each platform’s spec, we wanted to have the Skip voice shine through. After exploration, we landed on a style that simultaneously captured the familiar Skip look while feeling native to iOS and Android respectively.

SkipTheDishes iOS app (2016)

Android users had been waiting a long time for the app so we set an aggressive deadline for both releases to launch within 12–18 weeks. In the final stretch of development, the design team worked directly with developers to ensure pixel-perfect results and both apps launched successfully in 2016.

SkipTheDishes Android app (2016)


Both apps were well received by customers based on the reviews and feedback submitted to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Android customers in particular were excited to have a version available for Android, allowing them to take advantage of native app features like push notifications.