Fallout 4 wins GOTY at the BAFTAs for some reason

Mike Diver for VICE:

The room hushes. It’s time. The big one’s here. Best Game. Arses shift on seats. Armpits get a little stinky. Someone stifles a sneeze for fear of being ejected.

The winner is Fallout 4.


Fallout 4 didn’t win in any other category at the BAFTAs. Audio and Music awards went to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (it does have a most amazing score). The Game Innovation gong was handed to Her Story. Story, to Life is Strange. Artistic Achievement was won by Ori and the Blind Forest. Design, as previously mentioned, went to Bloodborne. So, Fallout 4 doesn’t play the best of the available nominees; it doesn’t have the greatest story, or sound, and it’s nothing much to look at against a bunch of other games. What did it win for, exactly?

An absolutely mind-boggling decision in my opinion given the number of really incredible games that were released last year. This article covers a couple of things that kept Fallout 4 off my personal list of top games from 2015. While pretty much every online publication seems to think that Bethesda’s latest is a standout from the rest for all the right reasons, it’s refreshing to see a different opinion and one I tend to agree with in a number of ways.

Also, it’s nice to see Bethesda being taken to task on just how buggy their games actually are. People should care about that, no?

So, you need to constantly save your progress, just in case the game breaks on you? See, to me, that doesn’t sound like the kind of quality you’d expect from any sort of “best game.” The game locks you into inescapable situations that essentially loop your demise for an eternity, unless you go back to a previous save? Characters get stuck in walls? Now, real talk, let’s have it. I know that there’s something briefly appealing about a massive-money video game having the same amusing visual quirks you find in productions running on an eighth of such a budget, and less, but after a while this shit becomes tiresome.

I’d hardly call Fallout 4 a bad game but it certainly wasn’t the best 2015 had to offer. I’d encourage people to check out any of the games mentioned in the quote at the beginning of the article or maybe one of the ones on my list if they haven’t already.