Cutting through the noise on Apple's AirPods

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for Computerworld:

To catch you up on the story, Apple dumped the headphone jack in iPhone 7. Why? Was there a petition to get rid of old, working technology? Nope.
The real reason, of course, is that Apple wants to shear more money from its sheep. All those expensive Apple Beats earpods and headphones you’ve bought recently? They’re all old junk on their way to obsolescence, if you believe Apple.
Oh, and guess what. You’re going to lose those AirPods. That isn’t a threat. That’s a promise.

I won’t be putting much stock into a piece written by someone with a chip on their shoulder, who makes ridiculous assumptions and claims them as facts, and seemingly borrowed the AirPods from a friend for a couple of minutes before writing this hit piece.

On a related note, the “they suck because you’re going to lose them” argument is getting super old. At some point, owners need to be accountable and ensure they’re not just leaving them laying around. Maybe consider taking care of the things you spend your money on? Just an idea.

If you’re on the fence about the AirPods, I’d direct you to either Daring Fireball or The Loop. They’ve both had the AirPods since shortly after the keynote on September 7th and can give an informed opinion on them.