iPadOS 13.4 adds support for mice and trackpads

Apple iPad Pro keyboard

Brad Bennett for MobileSyrup:

Apple revealed this feature by showing off a refreshed Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro, but this will work on all iPads that support iOS 13.4 and with all mice, including Bluetooth and USB models.

Considering I just ordered the updated Smart Keyboard, I’m glad to hear I can still connect a Bluetooth mouse and take advantage of the new functionality. Though, having played around with mouse support a bit already, it’s interesting that Apple’s own Magic Mouse isn’t fully supported on iPadOS 13.4. The device connects and offers basic functionality but some of the more advanced gestures don’t work unfortunately.

On a related note, as is the case with stuff like this, it’s only natural that Apple announces a new iPad Pro just days after I buy the current one. That said, I’m really happy with the one I have and I’m glad the new Magic Keyboard supports the previous generation Pro.