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Something new to read

As part of my birthday present, my wife decided to help me clean out my pull box at the local comic book store. I have a bad habit of not visiting the shop on a regular basis so books tend to pile up there pretty quick. For those of you that are curious, this is the up-to-date list of books on my pull list that I’ve been mostly neglecting over the past month or so.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1–2 Scott Snyder (W) and Greg Capullo (CA, A)

I love the DC Black Label format, which is usually printed on thicker stock and just has a premium feel to it. As for the book itself, this duo is rarely off the mark so I’m looking forward to what’s been billed as their final Batman story together.

**Criminal #4–6 Ed Brubaker (W) and Sean Phillips (CA, A)

It goes without saying that basically everything Brubaker and Philips do is of the highest quality and this new volume of Criminal is no exception. I’m really enjoying the small arcs of only a couple books per story. It makes everything seem new and fresh every couple of issues.

Invisible Woman #1 Mark Waid (W), Mattis de Iulis (A), and Adam Hughes (CA)

I’ll admit that I was initially sold on the Adam Hughes cover but realizing that the book was written by Mark Waid, whose writing I usually enjoy, and drawn by Mattia de Iulis — whose recent work on Jessica Jones has been nothing short of a home run — it was hard not to pick it up. The second issue was released this past week but unfortunately my LCS didn’t have a copy.

Depending on how I feel at the end of this first issue, it might make its way onto my pull list full-time.