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Death Stranding shows off story, gameplay, and release date in new trailer

Death Stranding

Michael McWhertor writing for Polygon:

The PS4-exclusive open-world action game will be released on Nov. 8, 2019.

Death Stranding’s new trailer runs nearly nine minutes and offers a look at a wide variety of gameplay, from traversing new environments, to motorcycle riding, to gunfights against otherworldly soldiers, to new storylines and new characters.

There’s a ton to unpack from yesterday’s trailer, including an actual release date and while the game still looks batshit crazy, the details of the world and story are sort of starting to make sense? Sure, there’s still the weird alternate upside down world, black oil, babies in jars, etc but I feel like a ton of this won’t make sense long past the game’s release so this could be as good as it gets before then.

Speaking of crazy, even with a new IP and a completely different engine Death Stranding is so clearly a Hideo Kojima game. The collaboration with Yoji Shinkawa on design, the animation and movements of the characters, the music, etc. Sony has clearly given him the freedom to do whatever he wants with this game, which is a nice change from his time at Konami, and it’s looking like it’ll pay off big for everyone.

In Kojima we trust.