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Axel Alonso, Bill Jemas, and Jon Miller form AWA Studios

AWA Studios logo

Rich Johnston for Bleeding Cool:

…former Marvel EIC Axel Alonso, financer Jon F Miller who brokered the Millarworld/Netflix and former Marvel President Bill Jemas have gone official in the New York Times as the executive team of Artists, Writers & Artisans, AWA. a new New York-based publisher of comic books.

New comic book companies seem to be popping up left and right lately, which is pretty interesting given the overall climate of the industry. I’m interested to see what AWA does to set itself apart other than bring in top-tier talent. For example, consider what TKO has been doing with single issues vs trades, digital books vs physical, first issues for free, etc.

As for the books that have been announced so far, I’m excited for Frank Cho’s Fight Girls. He’s one of my favourite artists and I enjoyed his last creator-owned work at Boom Studios, Skybourne.