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Otto Schmidt signs exclusive to DC Comics

Green Arrow art by Otto Schmidt

Christos Tsirbas for CBR:

DC Entertainment has just signed international artists Robson Rocha and Otto Schmidt to exclusive deals with the Burbank company’s DC and Vertigo Imprints, expanding its roster of non-North American talent.

Siberian-born Otto Schmidt now resides on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and is currently doing all cover and interior work — including pencils, inks and colors — on “Green Arrow,” written by Benjamin Percy. Fans were quick to embrace the duo’s take on the Emerald Archer, and the rekindling of his pre-“Flashpoint” romance with Black Canary, resulting in three printings of “Green Arrow: Rebirth #1.”

With this announcement, I’m hoping to see Otto Schmidt on more than just three issues of a book before being switched out with a different artist. With Rebirth, I figured it was the perfect time to start reading Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt’s (one of my favourite artists) Green Arrow, only to have Schmidt depart after the second issue.

According to solicits, he’s returning for issue #8 and leaving again for issue #9 through #11. No disrespect to alternate artist Juan Ferreyra, but if I started following the book because of Schmidt’s art, having him leave for five issues isn’t exactly ideal. I understand the book ships bi-monthly, which would be overwhelming for an artist but if it means keeping the book consistent for readers, I’d switch to a monthly schedule.

This revolving door of creators on books isn’t a new concept for DC, it’s been happening for years on larger profile books than Green Arrow. You have to consider, obviously, that we don’t know what sort of life events, deals, or other things take place behind closed doors, but for fans, it’s disheartening to see their favourite creators removed from titles so soon into their run and/or, even worse, in the middle of an arc.

I’m hoping they right the ship going forward. Locking creators to a company only to continuing juggling them around isn’t good for anyone.