Newsarama has a new design and strange logo

Newsarama's new logo


Newsarama will not be updating until Tuesday morning, August 30th, but please come back then for a little newness…

And keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages if anything big happens between now and then…

With Tuesday having come and gone, Newsarama’s redesign is live. Convenient for them to have done this the week after their biggest competitor completed a redesign of their own. Clearly this was in the planning for awhile but it’s interesting timing nonetheless.

Overall, the design is pretty similar to their previous one, with most of the change coming from the new logo. While CBR’s new logo is far too plain, Newsarama’s is too obscure and, to be honest, looks out of place on their new site. Does anything about it say “comics” to you?

Aesthetics aside, the biggest issue with the site isn’t the design itself but the advertisements. You basically need to be running an ad-blocker to browse the site because of the sheer size and demand of some of the ads they’re running. It’s shameful and acts as a perfect example for ad-blockers to exist.