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DC announces new All-Star Batman series

Batman art by John Romita Jr

Rich Johnston for Bleeding Cool:

Elephant in the room is Scott Snyder, Jim Lee says. Jim is announced that Scott Snyder is here to announce his new book with John Romita Jr. All-Star Batman. Jim Lee is pissed that they’ve taken the name. Jock and Sean Murphy are also on the book, a twice monthly series by Scott Snyder.

Paul Pope, Afua Richardson, Tula Lotay, will also be joining. This is a jam session/anthology book which will do big Batman in-continuity stories featuring the best Batman villains with the best artists.

This book looks great. I’ve been pretty indifferent towards pretty much all the books DC’s been putting out lately but, once again, it looks like it’s going to be Batman and Scott Snyder that keep me around. I love the idea of smaller stories with a rotation of amazing artists, it’s exactly what drew me to the old Detective Comics run when Paul Dini was at the helm.

Although Manapul and Mann’s Trinity and Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque’s Batgirl definitely have me intrigued, the rest of DC’s new lineup seems somewhat lacklustre. Once again, we’ve gotten a Jim Lee inspired makeover for the majority of characters that I feel is better suited for books published in the mid-90s. It’s already going the way of the New 52 and that, clearly, didn’t work out the way they’d hoped.