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Nintendo’s 3DS woes

Nintendo 3DS XL

Rollin Bishop for Motherboard:

Well, the days when Nintendo can count on its portable business may very well be coming to an end. The company’s recently released a modified financial forecast that includes a drop to 6.6 million units in expected hardware sales for the Nintendo 3DS family from April 2015 to March 2016. That from the previously forecasted 7.6 million, making it an approximately 13-percent drop—or 1 million flat difference—in expected sales.

Having just recently gotten back into Nintendo’s handheld ecosystem, it’s pretty apparent that they’re not in the best place right now. Whenever I’m browsing the shelves of local game stores looking for something to play, it’s essentially a wasteland. Often the games I want to play aren’t in print anymore or simply don’t exist because of a complete lack of third-party support.

Sure, there’s some stuff on the horizon but, overall, the outlook for the 3DS isn’t very good. Not to mention, with the NX apparently coming soon-ish, why would people want to invest in a 3DS for the long haul?