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DC pushing "back to basics" approach to writers

Batgirl art by Babs Tarr

Rich Johnston for Bleeding Cool:

This morning we mentioned that DC Comics was down over $2 million on planned revenue/expenditure for 2014/2015.  Here’s where the other shoe gets dropped. I understand from a number of senior sources that DC editorial have been told to “stop Batgirling” and go back to “meat and potatoes”.

This doesn’t exactly send the most confident of messages considering it was only a few months ago that creators were told exactly the opposite. From the fans perspective, it’s super disappointing news to hear, given that the new direction Batgirl took (and encouraged others to follow) was a total breath of fresh air from DC.

Over the past while, it certainly feels like the company is spinning in circles and struggling to find their groove. Convergence was, in my opinion, not very good and relied heavily on old or convoluted storylines. If that’s the plan going forward, this rumour doesn’t paint a very enticing picture for the company’s future plans.