First look at Google's new photo service

Google Photos

Liam Spradlin for Android Police:

We’ve been hearing for a very long time (…) that Photos would be splitting off from Google’s social/sign-in platform. We’ve heard vague rumblings, and even seen some baby steps toward this split, but now we have something a bit more substantial to go on – an exclusive early look at Google’s new Photos app, separate from Google+ and improved in a number of ways.

After months of rumours, Google’s online photo solution (in particular, one that doesn’t require users be a member of Google+) begins to takes shape. While the look of the app doesn’t stray too far from the current Android Photos app, it’s really what’s under the hood that matters here.

Rumoured features such as enhanced sharing (Facebook, Twitter) as well as the inclusion of Google’s Auto Awesome (along with the ability for users to modify the settings themselves) will likely make this a pretty great solution for users who, like myself, have their images backed up to Google’s servers.

No date announced for this update to reach users but with I/O right around the corner, you’d have to imagine it can’t be far away.