PC companies bash Apple’s new MacBook

Tom Warren for The Verge:

Mac vs. PC is always fun. It’s a never-ending war of words between Apple fans and Microsoft fans, mixed with tech spec comparisons of GHz, nits, and RAM speed. While Apple was busy unveiling a new 12-inch MacBook without any full-sized USB ports, PC makers took the opportunity to mock the future they’ll inevitably adopt.

While it’s certainly a factor, the height of a laptop has never made the difference between me buying or not buying one. If PC manufacturers are going to fire shots at the new MacBook, the ports argument might be a little more worth their time. That said, it seems like only a matter of time before we move away from cords completely and ads like these seem even sillier than they already are.

Speaking of ports, if I were Lenovo, i’d have chosen a more flattering image of the YOGA 3 Pro. Maybe one that isn’t a close-up shot showing what appears to be poorly cut, dirty(?) USB ports on the side of their computer:

Lenovo Yoya 3 Pro