• New Comics, November 20th 2019

    I’m pleasantly surprised that none of the digital books I bought today are from the big two comic publishers. I have one each from Vault, Image, and BOOM.

  • BioWare planning Anthem overhaul, new Mass Effect game


    Jason Schreier for Kotaku:

    BioWare is still putting a lot of work into Anthem. Details on Anthem Next are hazy, but among other things, the game’s developers plan to overhaul the loot, the quests, the social aspects of the game, the difficulty, the progression system, and the world map. One person on the project said they’re planning to change the game’s entire structure.

    As a longtime BioWare fan, I wanted to love Anthem and would be more than happy to see it return from the proverbial grave much in the same way that No Man’s Sky did a couple years ago.

    The difference in this case is that while NMS was certainly missing things at launch that could be and were eventually added later, Anthem’s issues run much, much deeper. There are fundamental flaws with the game that many — myself included — felt just couldn’t be fixed without releasing an entirely new game.

    In this case, that does appear to be correct but EA appear ready and willing to let the team take that on in an effort to save face with fans and reassure them that things are a-ok in the land of all things BioWare.

    In addition to the much-anticipated Dragon Age 4, which BioWare teased last year, a new Mass Effect game is in very early development at the Edmonton office under director Mike Gamble, a longtime BioWare producer.

    I’m so happy to hear this. While it wasn’t without its issues, Mass Effect: Andromeda was hardly the train-wreck most people claimed it was, especially after the insane amount of work that went into correcting the game’s larger technical issues from launch.

    I really hope BioWare doesn’t abandon the Pathfinder plot entirely. There’s plenty of interesting directions they could take that idea by still acknowledging Andromeda as a game and story still exist, but exploring a new team, planet, etc.

    It’s interesting that a major detail like this was left until the last couple lines of the article. If anything, this has me more hyped up than the Anthem news. I know it’s far out but I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  • The Game Awards: Nominees

    Geoff Keighley and company have announced the nominees for the 2019 edition of The Game Awards and Control is — rightfully so — nominated for a handful of awards, including Game of the Year. Control was without question one of the best games I played recently so I’m happy to see the team at Remedy getting recognized for their work.

    You can watch the show online on December 12th.

  • 38B9BB35-F2D2-4013-9C59-30CEAA38EF65.jpg

    I caved… and it’s great.

  • I took the time yesterday to add a dark mode to my blog controlled by the system setting on the reader’s device with only a couple lines of CSS. Big thanks to Miraz Jordan and Yorrike for the assist.

  • While it’s nice to see all of the positive reviews for Jedi: Fallen Order, I think saying EA has “wasted” the Star Wars license until now is a disservice to the people who worked on Battlefront 1 & 2. Sure, they weren’t without their controversies but they’re both great games in their own right.

  • Facebook fixes iOS app issue that let camera activate in background

    Users should download the updated app as soon as possible to avoid any issues. Once you install the new updated app, Facebook should no longer be able to consistently activate your camera.

    Between being a huge drain on your phone’s battery, pushing ludicrously oversized updates constantly, running empty audio in the background to keep the app active, and now using your camera in the background while you scroll through your news feed, it’s a wonder anyone keeps this app on their phone or willingly installs it.

    Please just use the mobile web version if you have to check Facebook.

  • Game Freak delivers with Pokémon Sword and Shield

    Pokémon Sword and Shield

    Andrew Webster for The Verge:

    The Pokémon series is one that has long felt resistant to change, to the point that even seemingly obvious changes, like a shift to 3D graphics, can feel monumental. In this context, Sword and Shield are what the franchise has been building toward for more than 20 years. They don’t change up the formula dramatically. But the changes that are here — a larger, more detailed world and a streamlined structure that cuts out the annoying bits — are enough to make this the ideal iteration of the concept to date. The moments when I felt frustrated or bored in past games simply don’t exist in Sword and Shield. It’s one big adventure.

    It’s exciting to hear but hardly surprising that the newest Pokémon adventure will not only meet people’s expectations for a home console release but likely surpass them. I don’t know that there’s a more consistent team working on Nintendo games than Game Freak and their ability to create entirely new worlds and hundreds of new creatures in the span of only a couple years always boggles my mind.

    It’s nice to see them having risen above the absurd controversy being spread by people online and delivered a game that more than speaks for itself. While I’ve held off on the last couple Pokémon titles, I’m pretty confident I’ll be grabbing a copy of Sword or Shield when it’s available tomorrow. Having wanted a home console version of Pokémon since I played the original game over 20 years ago, it seems silly not to.

  • Hank and I had a blast watching Marvel Superhero Adventures and Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales on Disney+ tonight. His exposure to all things Marvel and Star Wars will be swift and relentless.

  • Initial thoughts on Disney+


    I took a quick look at the Disney+ app on Apple TV this morning.

    The process of signing up was painless. Creating an account takes a couple seconds and you’re able to link your subscription to your Apple ID so I didn’t have to fumble around with my credit card. The Apple TV app itself is simple, easy to use, and apparently integrates with the Apple’s TV app, though I didn’t see this in action.

    I love having profiles for each user including the ability to specify a child account for my son. Signing into his account showed us content that was more suited for him whereas my account featured The Mandalorian, Captain Marvel, etc.

    Speaking of content, there’s almost more available than I will ever possibly be able to watch, with more coming in the new year as deals with Netflix and others expire. A couple that I’m looking forward to checking out first are — obviously — The Mandalorian, the 90s Marvel animated shows (Spider-Man, X-Men, Silver Surfer, etc), and some of the Pixar movies we don’t already have.

    Overall, great first impression. I can’t wait to dig in deeper this evening.